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- Holistic Chef 

I am available for bespoke dinners, yoga retreats and events.

I love to create menus which are seasonal using local produce and taking into consideration any dietary requirements .

I am available to travel globally. 

If you have a restaurant or café and would like to add healthier options to your existing menu please get in touch.


I have extensive experience working with specific dietary requirements and love creating menus to suit any occasion. 

- Restaurant Consultant

Are you looking to give your nutrition a spring clean, or just need a little help creating healthier patterns? For me, food is a vital ingredient in wellbeing. I can work with you to help you make choices which are more in alignment which what your body really needs to thrive. I don’t believe in one diet suits all - its about really starting to listen to your own body.

I won’t focus on elimination, but instead fill you up with more functional, nutritious and delicious foods. 


Part of this service also includes a kitchen cleanse where I walk you through which products you can use in the kitchen to help create gluten, dairy and processed-sugar-free meals (and how to use them!). 

- One to One Consultation &

   Kitchen Cleanse 

I am available for one-one or group workshops. These run regularly in the UK and Europe during the summer months and then in Nepal during the winter.


Please get In touch for more information. 

The main topics covered include. 

 - Conscious cookery classes 

 - Gluten free baking 

 - Processed sugar free treats

 - Nuts milks and Sauces 

 - Vegan Global Cusine. 

- Workshops and Plant

   Based Cookery Classes

Holistic Chef
Restaurant consult
Kitchen Clense
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