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Fascinated by biology and scientific experiments from a young age I began my career as a microbiologist. However I felt drawn to travel and seeing an ad in a local paper I got my first job cooking in the French alps and my journey with food really began. I was called to use my skills in nutrition, wellbeing and holistic health around the world and have travelled extensively.


I love to learn and grow, and these journeys have continued to influence my cooking as I discover new ingredients, recipes, techniques and nutritional ideas. I am fascinated by ancient science and wisdom and how this influences the food we eat, particularly when we recognise food as a healer .

In 2007, I consolidated my knowledge with a Diploma from the prestigious Leith’s School of food and wine in London. This gave me a solid grounding in all of the 

traditional cookery skills and the confidence to work professionally as a chef. 

I went on to work on private yachts and with private clients around the world. Life as a private chef is incredibly demanding, with 15-hour days and many pressures. In 2011 I underwent a big shift where I realized that, whilst my passion for food and creating delicious recipes was unwavering, I could not sustain the lifestyle and look after my own health. By a turn of fate, I met the Quiksilver surf team and my culinary journey took a new path – one where my understanding of food as the ultimate fuel for our

entire body, mind and spirit fully developed.

Nourish By Nicola
Nourish By Nicola

I now work with some key yoga retreats that are in alignment with my vision for creating a healthier, happier and more vibrant lifestyle. I specialise in supporting clients who require specialist nutrition and complex diets and love developing delicious new recipes for healthy wholefood living. I am also focusing on spreading the love of plant-based cooking, via workshops and chef trainings. 

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